Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday Morning Melody

Love Will Keep Us Together

TV Choice

Need to get something off my chest

I cannot reveal who but I do not like you & you have ruined my week.
Rarely do I not like someone but you make it so impossible not to dislike you.
I would even be so inclined to say it near borderlines hate.
But that's a strong word.
So we'll just stick to dislike for now.
Sluttiness + bitchiness + lack of personality = a tendency for me to dislike you.
Now back to happy things like newly born snow leopards, picnics in the sun & Deco-Den phones!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Vegetable of the Month

I've only recently discovered the loveliness of Asparagus.
Delicious as a starter, steamed, with poached duck egg and shavings of parmesan.


Kate Beckinsale at Oxford University

Sunday Song

Them feat. Van Morrison - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


Karl Lagerfeld's debut collection for Chanel, S/S 1983
Rue Cambon

French Nuns sign onto Lady Gaga's record label

A random but intriguing titbit

King for a Day

Vivienne Westwood, Autumn 2010 RTW

I'm totally...

crushing on Anthony Bourdain right now.

Not only am I currently reading his book 'A Cook's Tour' from 2001 & loving it (as well as realising how beneficial smoking is when initiating friendly gestures to circumvent the sometimes tricky language & cultural barriers), but I'm also deeply involved in all series of his 'No Reservations' television show, especially so when indulging in special cigarettes & a glass of vin.

Whilst I have yet to go through his breakthrough novel, 'Kitchen Confidential', I'll certainly be moving straight onto it once I've finished tackling the treacherous land-mined roads to Battambang in Cambodia with Khmer Rouge in tow.
Oh, Mr. Bourdain...

Model Obsession

Natasha Poly

I admire her tremendously, she's been around since I can remember & seems like a true professional. I always enjoy her work, whether it be editorial or on the catwalk.
She also helps validate the perpetual myth that Russian women are insanely beautiful.