Sunday, 6 March 2011

TV Show of the Month

Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman

My trouble of finding something to watch before work in the mornings was solved when Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman was discovered and, whilst apprehensive at first, have now become quite the addict.
It has come under criticism for not being that well-written, but I find it entertaining and touching at times, with some pretty solid acting for a "light" tv show. 
I've also enjoyed guest appearances from the likes of a mysterious man in black (Johnny Cash), a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Schneider, but what really cemented it for me was that if Joe Lando now looked like Joe Lando then we'd have a serious possibility of putting together a live-action Venture Bros.* 
To watch him in action in Dr.Quinn is to see a viable contender of Brock Sampson.

*may there never be a live Venture Bros. for it could never possibly do the original justice.

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