Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sleep-deprived Saturdays

Angry. Tired. Day now to be wasted due to angry tired self. Have resided to eat junk food & watch trash tv.
Thank gosh this came on in the background of Top Gear, or a fear all may have been lost.
Every little thing

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Strange Saturdays


Today it's all about...


Not the rubbish, apparently sparkling, Twilight kind, but the original suck your blood kind.
After having a dream combining Buffy & potentials with Willem Defoe's 'Dracula' (Shadow of the Vampire, 2000), I awoke to news that Putin would be running again for President, and the image used struck me at how much he looked like a vampire.
Whilst this could just be put down to having vampires on the mind, my episode of Will & Grace featured all sorts of references to vampires.

However, it was flicking through the future line-ups at Fabric that I decided to listen to a new artist & picked this video first.
It just so happens to feature the film that Shadow of the Vampire was based on.

Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter

Coincidences, I'm sure, but STILL.
I do enjoy these days.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Daily Kate Moss

Today it's all about...

Those days when people or things keep cropping up everywhere.

Charisma Carpenter
Today, I caught an episode of Angel on tv where she was the main focus, then she happened to be a background character in an episode of Boy Meets World and finally she was one of the answers in a quiz I did on Sporcle entitled, 'Celebrity names by word definitions'. So hello, Charisma Carpenter.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

TV Show of the Day

Boy Meets World

I can't remember what made me decide to revisit something as far back as 1993 from Disney but it's shockingly good. Even watching it now, I'm entertained. The kid actors are actually really good. Well, maybe really is a strong word, but in comparison with today's child actors, really is completely suitable. 

Although the material they had to work with back then was far better and they actually played - gasp - kids. The amount of kids being adults and dressing up in ridiculous get-ups and spying/hiding/singing/getting into completely ridiculous scenarios that is so de rigueur is just beyond tedious.

I like that the kids in Boy Meets World dress as kids because in the 90s, that's what we kids did. We didn't have "cell phones", thank god, and computers were a relatively new thing. And Mr. Finney, he's AMAZING. What a teacher. Seriously. I mean, the show uses words like 'altruistic', discusses Anne Frank and prejudice, the family has working parents that don't live in a ridiculous house that no-one on today's tv shows could realistically afford.

The show just cements, for me anyway, my feelings that I am glad I grew up without all of today's technological fandangles - as an adult I like them now, for a kid it's damaging - and that I got to experience actually being a kid without the tween rubbish and facebook photos.

Daily Kate Moss

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Man of the Moment

Arlen Escarpeta
April 9, 1981

Friday, 24 June 2011


HBO rarely disappoints.
This was surprisingly good.
Really good.
Could have been slightly longer as it felt rather rushed near the end but it was still brilliant nonetheless.
The casting was brilliant.
Spot on.
Definitely haven't had to wait a year for another series of something in a long time.
I'm excited.
And anguished.
Tempted to read the book but shall wait patiently.
Here's hoping nothing gets ruined before the year is up.

Daily Kate Moss

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Fighting Fridays



Peter Michael Falk
September 16 1927 - June 23 2011

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When bad acting happens to us good people

I think she is perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her skin is flawless. Her figure is ridiculous.
So of course a fault must lie somewhere and unfortunately it is within her acting skills. I have noticed she does seem to get worse as time goes on.
She has learnt nothing nor will she ever need to because she is that ridiculously good-looking.
Her films as well are dire.
I'll start with the good so that we can focus on the much, much longer list of the bad:
Sin City (but really, acting was not what Sin City was about)
Never Been Kissed (film aficionados may disagree however)

Well, now that that extensive list is out the way, we'll focus on her larger body of work:
Fantastic Four/2
The Eye
Into the Blue
Love Guru (one of the worst films ever made. Not even funny Troll 2 bad).
Good Luck Chuck
Valentine's Day
Little Fockers

As a thing of beauty, amazing.
As an actress, she is one of the most irritating, boring and poor performers of not only her generation but, perhaps, of alllll time.

And breathe.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

TV Show of the Day


Delocated is brilliant. The first series only contains around 7 episodes, so at 10 minutes each you can easily binge on these in a day. A couple of hours, really. It also means there's definitely no excuse not to give it a go.
I've recently been informed a second series is now available, so felt it necessary to dip back into this old (& newly revived) gem.

Daily Kate Moss

Thursday's Technique

Don't sweat the technique

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Adverts & Spike Jonze

I must embrace my love of this man for I seem to enjoy everything he touches.
A brief mention of Marvin Gaye eventually led to old Gap adverts being brought to mind and eventually Spike Jonze was stumbled upon (though not through stumbleupon).
I feel I shouldn't really finish here but I have had one of those soul-destroying days & wish nothing more than to share and relish in 90s/early 2000s advert nostalgia.
When things were good.