Saturday, 27 November 2010

TV Show of the Day


It borderlines the 1990s/2000 barrier so I'm slowly drifting into the 21st Century.
As I'm currently watching this along with Modern Family, & my playlist is slowly entering the modern age, my '90s binge is almost over.
& I'm feeling less remorseful.
Probably because it's coming up to Christmas & so all my focus is now solely on childish merriment, snow & all things shiny.
Apart from the expense, praise be for Christmas.


This gets stuck in my head every now & again, at which point I think how much I like the song but don't seem to love it enough to choose to listen to it.
But it got stuck in my head again today so thought it best to listen the whole way through.

p.s. I think I've actually posted this before.
Well it does frequently get stuck in my head.

Daily Kate Moss

Sir Mix-A-Lot Saturdays

Baby Got Back

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Daily Kate Moss


I heard this song whilst I was working at Press Day last week & knew I'd heard it before.
For the past week I've been desperately trying to search for what it is, even signing up for a Yahoo account just so I could ask a question in the vain hope that someone might know.
Coincidentally, after I'd given up all hope of finding it last night, it came on my i-pod shuffle this morning!
I had it all along!
So here it is.
It's not as amazing as I'd remembered it, but probably because I know I always have it to hand now.
Le Chat Du Cafe Des Artistes

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Serge Saturdays

Bonnie & Clyde


First day on the job & I find out I won tickets to see Kelis.
It truly was a wonderous day.
So I've got some Kelis on the go right now while I try & find someone in the London area whose available to go see her with me.

Daily Kate Moss

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Fashion Snaps

go to Whitney Port, who looked lovely at the opening for new store In Add Minus.
 Cargo pants in all its forms are all the rage right now with fashionistas everywhere, and these silk cargo-esque pants look fantastique on her.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fiction Fridays

Friday, I'm in Love


click here to see images of a crocodile and elephant engage in a ferocious 'tug of war'

News: England

As many in the UK have probably heard by now, a man in Sunningdale was reportedly taken from his home and beaten to death with a sledgehammer by four men, aged 24-56.
He died from head injuries after paramedics failed to resuscitate him.
Controversy surrounds the police, who took more than half an hour to check the van.
The police say they had no reason to search the van, but surely it should have been standard procedure.
The deceased, business tycoon Shaleem Amar, leaves behind three children, an eight year old boy and two girls, seven and three.

Wednesday Evening

A catch-up of missed days (well day).


Probably because it's played everywhere but this song has been stuck in my head all week & I don't care for it.
The lyrics 'Just gonna stand there & watch me burn but that's all right because I like the way it hurts' always reverberate in my mind.
So now I release.
afterthought: now that I'm listening to it I'm enjoying it. I'm so ashamed of my musical taste right now.

Daily Kate Moss

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Day Today

Why hello there

jagged little clutch.
I shall covet thee.

I'm totally...

overtired that it's starting to evolve into madness. 3:14 is nothing on my sleeping problems.
I dream of bed & sleep at 10pm.

Daily Kate Moss

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Talk Talk Tuesdays

Life's What You Make It

Kate Middleton

As most know by now (work leaves me thoroughly out of the loop) Prince William & Kate Middleton announced their engagement today after 8 years of dating.
I have to say congratulations to Prince William, as she's quite a catch.
In fact, I'm glad she's to be part of the British Royal Family as she's stunningly beautiful.
She has a tiny yet shapely figure, flawless skin and holds herself very well. 
I'm quite envious of her tiny frame & flawless good looks.
I thought it was very sweet that he proposed with his mother's ring, though. I also didn't realise they'd been dating for 8 years! 
It's nice to know some people wait at least more than a few months before getting engaged.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Soulful Sundays

Flicking through my music library, I discovered this gem that I'd yet to add to my ipod, The Meters Anthology, and now I am filled with head-bobbing bliss.

Cissy Strut