Tuesday, 23 August 2011

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Those days when people or things keep cropping up everywhere.

Charisma Carpenter
Today, I caught an episode of Angel on tv where she was the main focus, then she happened to be a background character in an episode of Boy Meets World and finally she was one of the answers in a quiz I did on Sporcle entitled, 'Celebrity names by word definitions'. So hello, Charisma Carpenter.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

TV Show of the Day

Boy Meets World

I can't remember what made me decide to revisit something as far back as 1993 from Disney but it's shockingly good. Even watching it now, I'm entertained. The kid actors are actually really good. Well, maybe really is a strong word, but in comparison with today's child actors, really is completely suitable. 

Although the material they had to work with back then was far better and they actually played - gasp - kids. The amount of kids being adults and dressing up in ridiculous get-ups and spying/hiding/singing/getting into completely ridiculous scenarios that is so de rigueur is just beyond tedious.

I like that the kids in Boy Meets World dress as kids because in the 90s, that's what we kids did. We didn't have "cell phones", thank god, and computers were a relatively new thing. And Mr. Finney, he's AMAZING. What a teacher. Seriously. I mean, the show uses words like 'altruistic', discusses Anne Frank and prejudice, the family has working parents that don't live in a ridiculous house that no-one on today's tv shows could realistically afford.

The show just cements, for me anyway, my feelings that I am glad I grew up without all of today's technological fandangles - as an adult I like them now, for a kid it's damaging - and that I got to experience actually being a kid without the tween rubbish and facebook photos.

Daily Kate Moss

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Arlen Escarpeta
April 9, 1981