Sunday, 14 November 2010

The End

...of Felicity, and with it I think my '90s binge.
Although only slowly am I entering the 21st century.
I'm still pining over what I think is early 2000 mobile phones,  music & television shows.
With the appearance of Christopher Gorham in the last series, I'm about to embark on some more early teenage nostalgia with POPular. As there's one two series I'm thinking I'll be over with it pretty quickly so that I can attempt some serious drama & more grown-up watching with Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire, the latter of which I'm particularly excited about but fearful it may be quite shiteous.
So au revoir, Felicity, I did enjoy all the series, even managed to look past the infamous haircut, & wish teenage dramas were more like this & less like this.

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