Wednesday, 5 January 2011

TV Show of the Day

Mad Men

I recently had a 'Mad Men' Binge & managed to catch up on all four seasons in just over two weeks & I absolutely love it.
Of course, I am absolutely enamoured with the fashion, the smoking & those awesome lighters that are proving to be hard to come by.
It has also made me a little sad, however, that even though this was a time when women's rights & freedoms were still quite restricted, I respect & admire these women more that most today.
I mean, at least those women had class.
& knew how to keep a secret.
I'm becoming so very bored of the slutty, drugged-up look.
It's been running for years now, surely it's had its time?
Like a lot of people now, I'm looking most forward to the death of the hipster, even since 2008 it had well & truly peaked.
So, for 2011, let's hope for the birth or rebirth of a new/old fad & maybe women will stop

shouting out that their slutty attire & rape me attitude is in the name of feminism .

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