Tuesday, 17 May 2011

TV Show of the Day


As I start to wear out of good comedy tv shows, I thought I'd play it safe this time & go for a big one.
So I welcomed myself to the world of 30 Rock & I have to say, it was better than expected.
It's very American, but the majority of the jokes aren't lost on those of us out of the loop of the most minute of US celebrities.
I do always feel, though, that the show doesn't try hard enough, as though the writers feel it will be a success if they only give it a half effort.
I feel with a little more pushing, this could really hone itself into something kinda good.
But not great, unfortunately.
Not great.
The problem with American TV shows are their constant use of celebrity appearances.
It's far from tiresome now.
Once or twice works well.
Almost every episode becomes a bore.

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