Monday, 11 October 2010

Film of the Day: Drama


With Eat.Pray.Love. currently out at cinemas, it led me & my friend to discover we both love Julia Roberts.
I'm surprised she has not received more attention from men for her looks because she is strikingly beautiful with a model's figure.
On top of that, she's a brilliant actress.
I find sometimes that beautiful actresses are (usually) not very good at what they do (Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Sienna Miller) or are overshadowed by their beauty. For instance, Marilyn Monroe was not a brilliant actress but she was very good, and people sometimes forget that she was not just this incredibly beautiful face.
But today I felt like watching a film on one of the many movie channels available & Erin Brockovich was just starting as I was flicking through, so felt it only apt to watch the film that won the ubiquitous actress her first, and currently only, oscar.
I forgot that it's actually rather good, and it went by quite quickly. As I'm somewhat older now, I was also excited to see appearances by faces I now recognise, such as Aaron Eckhart, Albert Finney & Marg Helgenberger, as well as Conchata Ferrell.
It also made me miss Julia Roberts, and the kind of calibre of actresses that were once so many and are now so few.
So, while Erin Brockovich was a 2000 film, I'm still sticking to the other side of the millennium and I shan't be back any time soon.

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