Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Long Lost Joy of the Library

University & the convenience of downloading just about anything on the internet has scuppered my once joyous trips to the library. 
University left the library being a place only to visit during times of infinite stress, full of last minute revision sessions & essay deadlines long since passed. It was also an ugly, 60s-era building, all grey with long, thin slits as windows that really did resemble a prison.
My laptop is now full of tv nostalgia, Disney & Japanese Horror and an endless number of films I wish to watch but can never seem to be in the mood to watch any of them.
And so yesterday I got a pang of longing to flick through the crisp pages of a musky old book. New books, while lovely, don't have the same history as a previously read book, especially as I hate to see the first crease in a shiny new book. Although I love it once it's creased beyond belief.
It's all or nothing.

So today I trekked to my local library and how lovely it was to re-visit it once more. Whilst none of the books I wished to take out were available (it's a small library), I did discover a cook book I'd been wanting to look at for a while (Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain), a classic (All Quiet on the Western Front), a French book I bought on sale (The Fairy Gunmother), and a history book on Saigo Takamori (The Last Samurai). 
So I suggest making a trip to the Library, and spend an evening relaxing with a glass of red wine, a cosy jumper and a good book.
Happy Reading.

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