Sunday, 10 October 2010

I Would Like...

The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain

I had my apprehensions when I first saw their tv show on BBC2, presuming it to be a gimmick that two 'hairy' lads who ride motorbikes enjoy & like to cook fine food. 
Whilst they do have beards and ride motorbikes, they're not just good cooks, they're fantastic cooks. I've used a couple of their recipes over the past few months & they've gone down a storm (& I'm no natural cook).

They're passionate about local food, local produce and using every part of an animal to create a highly flavoursome and spectacular dish.
Their recipes can be quite complicated, some have to be skipped altogether due to the difficult task of acquiring some of the ingredients, & they do usually involve a lot of ingredients but it's definately (or definitely, however way you want it) worth the effort, & I'm looking forward to rustling up some tasty three course meals over the coming winter months.

This is the first recipe I ever used of theirs & it went down incredibly well. 
It's also in season so simply parfait.
Cinnamon & Apple Pork Belly with Mulled Cider Cabbage & Roast Almonds

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