Thursday, 14 October 2010

TV Choice

America's Next Top Model
I haven't watched it for a few seasons now but the new offer of Italian Vogue on the cards is pretty big time.
I think they've made a few poor decisions though on the people they chose/eliminated, I'm sure as an attempt to make non-commerical looking girls feel like they're beautiful, but it's so painfully obvious some of them will never be models that it makes it kind of frustrating at times.
My favourite at the moment is Esther. I think she's beautiful, she's got curves whilst still being slim & isn't a loud mouth who feels it necessary to remind everyone of the numerous hardships she's had to overcome..

My second favourite is Kendal. She's got amazingly long legs & seems pretty nice, & photograph's really well.
Thirdly, is Jane. She is really pretty and whilst they insist she's not high fashion, I can totally imagine her in a Ralph Lauren spread.

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